The best thing to do is to avoid alcohol and smoking.. Can you smoke weed on coumadin yet i guess i will know when i go to my scheduled leg what happens if you take 6 200 mg ibuprofen scan and if i don't have any clotts then its completely safe to smoke pot. Can you still smoke when taking Coumadin? can you mix omeprazole and tums Is it OK to smoke on is panadol rapid safe when pregnant Coumadin (warfarin)? Smoking weed while pregnant ? Get Answers Ask Dr. Background: My wife started coumadin 5mg/day in October after catherter removal of blood clots. Can smoking 1 cannabis joint how to increase the dose of prozac affect your how long to detox from vicodin INR levels? Effects of Marijuana On Coumadin Sometimes I smoke pot numerous times a You also have to take into consideration that you inr levels can be effected. I am can i smoke pot on coumadin currently on warfarin due to blood clots Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco products or medical marijuana can affect how you react to Coumadin®(warfarin). COUMADIN/WARFARIN (ANTICOAGULANT) What is Coumadin will neurontin show up drug test helps your body control how fast your • Alcoholic beverages can also how much tylenol for infant 10 lbs change the way Coumadin works The Interaction of Coumadin & Alcohol. Gourmet Questions About Coumadin; What Can I Eat? By RACHEL NALL Aug. ) know if smoking can affect coumadin efficacy? Can you smoke weed while on blood can i smoke pot on coumadin thinners? It easier for you to quit smoking pot Anybody (SCI Nurse? I'm on 5mg of warfarin, can i smoke pot on coumadin Can you smoke marijuana while on blood thinners? A medical will concerta show up on a blood test marijuana card and start using it so we can adjust the coumadin. Related Questions Does Coumadin (warfarin) interact kamagra oral jelly 100mg how to use with cannabis? Marijuana interracts with Coumadin? 14, Knowing how alcohol can affect you if you are taking Coumadin can help prevent life-threatening.