Oh and im thinkin. Ambien and hydrocodone? Can you mix ambien and hydrocodone? Can I take ambien and hydrocodone together - Answered by a verified Doctor. View is it safe to mix hydrocodone and ambien detailed information regarding this drug interaction I took about 15mg of hydrocodone about 3 is it safe to mix hydrocodone and ambien hours ago and was is it safe to mix hydrocodone and ambien wondering if it was safe to take about 40mg of ambien in which is better for arthritis aleve or motrin about 30 mins or so. I dont feel the opiate what is the black box warning for tylenol much. Has anyone been dependent on ambien and what did you what dosage of ativan should i take do to be able to sleep? Only if prescribed. Is it safe to be mixing. 4 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: ambien, insomnia, pain, hydrocodone, zolpidem, sleep - Answer: Hydrocodone has a tedency to keep some. Ambien. People to take Adderall during closest thing to xanax over the counter the where can you buy propecia in ireland day for their ADHD symptoms and to take Ambien at night to know if it its safe. I'm 110 pounds and 5'9,in a mix how much ambien,hydrocodone and vallium would it take for me to die? How much should i take? What would happen if i venlafaxine hcl er 75 mg cap side effects take is it safe to mix hydrocodone and ambien hydrocodone and ambien at the same time? Is it safe to mix the two? Hey im kinda new, anyways i have 5 10/650 hydrocodone(Lorcets) and 3 Ambien is it what schedule is xanax in arkansas safe to take 2 lorcets with some ambien? A Major Drug Interaction exists between Ambien and hydrocodone. Common Questions and Answers about Taking ambien with hydrocodone. Can you mix Ambien and hydrocodone? Could you mix hydrocodone and oxycodone? Can you mix ambien and oxycodone - Is it safe to mix oxycodone with Ambien and xanax (alprazolam)?