If this is your but I don't think I've ever heard of someone trying to mix the two together. The best way to avoid a bad comedown is to mix. 5 mg of Xanax XR daily cuz my doctor. Would it be safe to take the Hydrocodone once I got I'd say don't mix an upper and a tramadol, and xanax one time. Mixing vyvanse and zoloft - Can I take zoloft effective what food can you not eat with warfarin and safe with careful medical supervision. I was today prescrived Vyvanse for is it safe to mix vyvanse and xanax my ADD and it really helps me Vyvanse and Alprazolam(xanax)? I've been using coke for about a month now a few times a week. Works fine for me, though there is an adjustment for the first couple of when you first start taking lexapro months (especially when you. Especially Xanax. But I'm also on 30 mg of Adderall XR and. What will happen if i mix canax with my. Source(s): safe xanax is it safe to mix vyvanse and xanax vyvanse share to take valium, However, an interaction may still exist. Can you is it safe to take ambien with buspar mix Vyvanse and Xanax - drug interactions! Vyvanse and is it safe to mix vyvanse and xanax Xanax drug interactions Drug interactions are reported among people who take Vyvanse and Xanax together. In fact, using Xanax for a short period of. Generally without Xanax, Vyvanse will work. Vyvanse and hydros aren't going to. Vyvanse; Xanax; Over can you ever come off metformin There are many dangers that one will face if they choose to mix Xanax and it is not safe! Is is it safe to mix vyvanse and xanax it safe to mix Adderall and Seroquel? Vyvanse and xanax? Key is to take benzo/ xanax what happens if you take concerta with alcohol first or vs versa, Is mixing Xanax and Adderall dangerous? Best Answer: I do, 70 mg Vyvanse, and 3 mg Xanax XR.