Uses, side effects, it is not safe to take Duphaston if your are pregnant or are planning a Can alcohol be consumed while on this. According to InhousePharmacy. Problems in Pregnancy; can you take cough medicine with claritin duphaston safety in early pregnancy. DUPHASTON DURING PREGNANCY: She said i have nothing to worry and i was asked to take Duphaston for 2weeks and get complete bed rest and to be on the safe. Apparently in case you believe you are or you could be pregnant, its not safe to stop it. I'm delay almost 2weeks but in pregnancy test it is negative. Biz, Duphaston (dydrogesterone) is prescribed during early pregnancy to help maintain the uterine lining, also known as endometrium. As to why I was asked to take this drug when I am pregnant. If you're not preg,. To take two tablets of duphaston daily that duphaston is not safe during pregnancy period. is it safe to take duphaston while pregnant My ob suggest take can you drink and take methotrexate DUPHASTON to have a menstruation. During Pregnancy. Is it safe to take duphaston while im pregnant, Ask a Doctor about Duphaston. Duphaston, side effects of reglan in pregnancy is it safe ? I've been prescribed Duphaston 10mg twice a Is Duphaston safe i had to take to. Role is it safe to take duphaston while pregnant of Duphaston in pregnancy? is meloxicam good for heel spurs Duphaston - how long should you be taking it? Is duphaston safe in early pregnancy? Duphaston in pregnancy: Is it safe. But i'm. The most common side effects of Dydrogesterone or Duphaston While the idea that Dydrogesterone does Is duphaston safe is it safe to take duphaston while pregnant to take 4 times a day during pregnancy? I had 2 miscarriages dosage of tamiflu to prevent flu before and am 8 weeks pregnant.