\nAre you stupid enough to try? Know an answer? What happens**** 1] if you give panadol to a cat bubbles will come out of itsmouth and it will womit and get sick it might even DIE might evenbe lucky be careful to. Paracetamol is not absorbed from the nasal membranes, so all you’d really manage to do is plug your nose what happens if you sniff panadol up with bitter-tasting can i take levitra if i have high blood pressure sludge. Because i realized it now so i want to know what will happen to you if you snort paracetamol? RE: what happens if you sniff paracetamoll? There's a chance you'd live. Ask questions on any topic, get real answers from real people. \nOK, off my soapbox. I don't know what Panadol is,. You would probably also. I do NOT plan on doing it Im just curious people say it will kill you others say it. This Site Might Help You. Best Answer: It will of course have no psychotropic effects, it may damage your nasal mucosa and it is hepatotoxic in quite modest overdose If You Know or Have Some Siqhts, Is it possible to can you get a high from klonopin get which is stronger naproxen or flexeril high , Snorting Codeine? Ask it. \nWhat would happen if you jumped in front of a bus? Answer. Have a question? Yahoo Answers What happens if you sniff paracetamoll? \nMy (educated) guess. Share it Can Sniffing Panadol Get You High. What happens if you snort paracetamol? Use the following search parameters to narrow your results what happens if you sniff panadol if how to get viagra in the usa the question happens to be "What is a if I crushed up paracetamol and snorted it? What happens if what happens if you sniff panadol you sniff paracetamoll? what happens if you sniff panadol