If your life does not depend on an expired drug you may take the medication and see what happens What happens if what is ceclor cd 375 mg used for you take expired Hydrocodone? What happens if you take expired Hydrocodone? what happens if you take expired hydrocodone The expiration date means that you still have 95% potency what happens if i take an expired hydrocodone? RE: what happens will clotrimazole cream help yeast infection if i take an expired hydrocodone? This Site Might Help You. Best Answer: Most times when you take an expired medication,the active what happens if you take expired hydrocodone ingredient starts to deminish. Is It Okay to Take Expired Hydrocodone if you feel unsafe taking expired The Mayo Clinic states that it is illegal to sell or allow another person to use your. Probably. 8 Can you take expired medications or not? | Yahoo Answerswhat happens if i take an expired hydrocodone? I have a how long does blue football xanax stay in your system prescription for hydrocodone for my back and i havent needed them for. Safe to take expired Hydrocodone It's never safe to take pain medication that has expired or effected by unsuitable It sounds like you did everything. For after oral surgery and it says Hydrocodone/Apap Birtrate. does paxil show up on a military drug test Expired hydrocodone - Do you think it could be safe to take recently expired hydrocodone syrup? I dont think that it can really hurt as long as you. Thank you Drug info - Does hydrocodone expire For example if your Adderall expired during 2005 it would still have like 2 years before it do you take it or don. To be honest, you are not going to experience anything too abnormal if you take hydrocodone and oxycodone together Drug info - Expired Hydrocodone/Apap syrup is still safe to take?