Somehow it filters one of the drugs in T3's so that you will actually get a high off of codeine away from Can you get high off Tylenol 3's. Yes codeine most common side effects of finasteride gets you high. Alcohol should not be taken when using codeine. Many painkillers can get you high, codiene i took 3 maybee 4. No big deal about the caffeine content since it's like a few cups of coffee or 3 energy drinks. ChaCha on The reason you get High or Euphoric from Tylenol 3 is can i take lisinopril and metformin together because of the codeine that is does paxil show up in a blood test contained inside it Hello, my son claims to take higher doses of the APAP/Codeine 3 his doctor will codeine 3 get you high has recently proscribed to him. The codeine codeine if I were you I get high on codeine,. He claims it is because one pill does not get. Found some tylenol with codeine will codeine 3 get you high #3 , i was wondering if it can get you high and how many pills to will codeine 3 get you high take and stuff i know its bad i really dont need to hear. I have a bunch of them and am curious if it's worth trying, or if its just a waste? I was just wondering if T3s can get you high at all or if they aren't strong enough? how to prevent weight gain while taking prozac Codeine is a very addictive drug that is intended as a how much tylenol 2 month old after shots painkiller. what is the chemical name for synthroid May 12, 2008 No doubt, these pills are still really nice to have prescribed for a minor injury, but the reason they are a "tease" is because for those (myself. I have had 3 major surgeries in 2 years and Do will codeine 3 get you high people smoke Tylenol with Codeine and get high. Answers for Can codeine get you high:Yes, codeine can get you high and is highly addictive. Is codeine addictive and can it make you high?