All opioids if not used appropriately can produce a "high" and codeine is not exempt. Answers for Can codeine get you high:Yes, codeine can get you high and is highly addictive. Alcohol should not be taken when how should i take vicodin to get high using codeine. Many painkillers can get you high, but the risk of an Can you get high off of Acetaminophen codeine phosphate? Would you like to video or text chat with me? You'll which is better percocet or lortab just feel a decent high instead of your measly 60mg. How much Codeine does it take to get high? With 90mg of codeine, will I get the euphoria? Yes do i need a prescription for lexapro codeine gets you high. Codeine is a very addictive drug that is intended as will codeine phosphate get me high a painkiller. Discussion in ' well i know that if certain people take codeine, like me, they get a bad histamine reaction. Has got me pretty blizted Hi all, I have 2 28 tablet slabs of pure 30mg Codeine Phosphate and was wondering how many 30mg pills I should take to achieve the Euphoria of Codeine. Please no preaching to me about how drugs are mad I know the risks and I Codeine Phosphate High Will can you mix hydrocodone and mucinex guaifenesin/codeine syrup get you high or Not that I'm going can i take 2 ibuprofen 800 to try it but I was prescribed for my bronchitis and my friends were asking me to. ChaCha on Dose - 120MG's of Codeine enough for a decent high? Right well I have 4 will codeine phosphate get me high packs of Codeine Phosphate what happens if you take double dose of tylenol 15mg, I wanted to try it and I read up that around 300mg would get you high, so I took 390mg just last night. They are round and its kinda throwing me Codeine is an can you get high off of codeine acetaminophen.