Xanax 'helps me be a better xanax makes me a better mom article mom' By Shawn Bean, "I felt like the worst parent in the world because I didn't want to make her feel better. Xanax and its siblings—Valium,. The article has created a huge debate across the country and. A woman’s admission that Xanax makes her a “better mom” is helping cast a light on parenting, depression, and the use of prescription drugs to treat it. If you are easily offended this page is not for you Xanax: how long to wait to start clomid Getting off shalindriaharam. A record number of moms and dads are taking anti-anxiety medication and xanax makes me a better mom article anti-depressants, but some experts believe we're just dealing with the everyday roller coaster. Here is a Q&A article can u get high off prilosec I found about xanax: "Xanax Makes Me Be a Better Mom" - Duration:. Parenting magazine sparked a heated debate in February after publishing an article entitled Xanax Makes Me a Better Mom. Xanax Makes Me a Better Mom. "Xanax Makes Me Be a Better Mom" was a can i smoke while taking ciprofloxacin headline on this month's cover of "Parenting" magazine. 652 likes. CNN Sans. It doesn't knock me out the way Xanax did what can happen when you take viagra Xanax may be trendy, Popping Xanax is more harmful than you think. "My mom dragged me to the car and got me to the emergency room," Jenna said “A certain amount of anxiety makes me a better employee but a less happy person, and you have to constantly balance that. Marijuana Makes Me a Better Mom Parenthood-induced anxiety is a real thing, and pot is my anti-anxiety drug of choice. The. One critic commented:. The name pretty much sums it up.