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2018: 50 álbumes

01- “7” (Beach House)
02- “Superorganism” (Superorganism)
03- “Con Todo El Mundo” (Khruangbin)
04- “Double Negativity” (Low)
05- “The Fernweh” (The Fernweh)
06- “Toss Up” (Kevin Krauter)
07- “I Was Hoping You´d Pass By Here” (Ghost Music)
08- “Hope Downs” (Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever)
09- “Chasescene” (Daniel Knox)
10- “Golden Hour” (Kacey Musgraves) [Más…]

1- “Primer Segundo” (Daga Voladora)

2-“A Ella Te Conduce La Sagrada Espiral” (Pylar)

3- “Conventional Elements” (LoE LoF LoN)

4-“Torres Blancas” (Wild Honey)

5-“Negro Es El Poder” (Mohama Saz) [Más…]

1- “Reaching For Indigo” (Circuit Des Yeux)

2- “Melodrama” (Lorde)

3- “fantasii” (Mhysa)

4- “Lekhfa” (Maryam Saleh/Tamer Abu Ghazaleh/Maurice Louca)

5- “ken” (Destroyer) [Más…]

2017: 50 álbumes (01-10)

01- “Slowdive” (Slowdive)

02- “Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)” (Hand Habits)

03- “Cigarettes After Sex” (Cigarettes After Sex)

04- “Themes For Dying Earth” (Teen Daze)

05- “Tribute To 2” (Jim James) [Más…]

2017: 50 álbumes (11-30)


11- “A Black Mile To The Surface” (Manchester Orchestra)

12- “Veld” (Daniel O´Sullivan)

13- “Just Another Diamond Day” (Mutual Benefit)

14- “Spirit Reflection” (Gaby Hernandez)

15- “Little By Little” (Sodastream) [Más…]

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