Top 2023

01… “We Are Still Wild Horses” (MF Tomlinson)

02… “Bird Machine” (Sparklehorse)

03… “Sit Down For Dinner” (Blonde Redhead)

04… “Hydranism” (Oracle Sisters)

05… “I Am Not There Anymore” (The Clientele)

06… “This Candle Is For You” (Spearmint)

07… “Campanita” (Summer Salt)

08… “softscars” (yeule)

09… “In My Mind There´s a Room” (Mull Historical Society)

10… “Everything Is Alive” (Slowdive)

11… “Garden Party” (Rose City Band)

12… “Albion” (Harp)

13… “Aspirin Sun” (Emma Tricca)

14… “& The Charm” (Avalon Emerson)

15… “Where The Clouds Go Swimming” (Joe McAlinden)

16… “False Lankum” (Lankum)

17… “Palace Of A Thousand Sounds” (Whatitdo Archive Group)

18… “Heaven Is A Junkyard” (Youth Lagoon)

19… “Hit Parade” (Róisín Murphy)

20… “The Record” (boygenius)

21… “Thank God We Left The Garden” (Jeffrey Martin)

22… “Wallsocket” (Underscores)

23… “After The Magic” (Parannoul)

24… “Is It?” (Ben Howard)

25… “Flyte” (Flyte)

26… “Bunny” (Beach Fossils)

27… “Cartwheel” (Hotline TNT)

28… “I Only See The Moon” (The Milk Carton Kids)

29…”I Inside The Old Year Dying” (PJ Harvey)

30… “Ceremony” (Tiny Ruins)

31… “Jelly Road” (Blake Mills)

32… “The Natural Lines” (The Natural Lines)

33… “trip9love…???” (Tirzah)

34… “I Des” (King Creosote)

35… “The Land, The Water, The Sky” (Black Belt Eagle Scout)

36… “Dear Departed” (Sam Burton)

37… “Strange Disciple· (Nation Of Language)

38… “Did You Know There´s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” (Lana Del Rey)

39… “Cruisin´” (Bernice)

40… “New Planet Heaven” (Hunny)

41… “Exit Simulation” (Niecy Blues)

42… “Are We Good” (Hayden)

43… “Madres” (Sofia Kourtesis)

44… “The Land Is Inhospitable So We Are” (Mitski)

45… “Complete Mountain Almanac” (Complete Mountain Almanac)

46… “Summer Moon” (There Will Be Fireworks)

47… “XO SKELETON” (La Force)

48… “Live And Lose!” (MJ Lenderman And The Wind)

49… “Accompany” (Michael Nau)

50… “Bad Dream Jaguar” (Sun June)

Otros 50: Wednesday, BC Camplight, Mutual Benefit, Lael Neale, Hannah Diamond, Gia Margaret, Sufjan Stevens, Eartheater, Local Natives, Helena Deland, Pickle Darling, Ratboys, Mark William Lewis, Ana Frango Elétrico, Caroline Polachek, The Japanese House, Animal Collective, Lies, L´Rain, The Lemon Twigs, Julie Byrne, Nicholas Krgovich, Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter, Teenage Fanclub, Samia, Bleach Lab, Robert Forster, Munya, Hannah Jadagu, Tommy Prine, Puma Blue, Holly Humberstone, Noname, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Matt Maltese, Land Of Talk, Tinariwen, Emilíana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra, Susanne Sundfor, Kara Jackson, Del Water Gap, Jane Remover, The Golden Dregs, Joanna Sternberg, Buck Meek, Andy Shauf, Squirrel Flower, Blue Lake, Cut Worms.

2022: 50 álbumes

01 – “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” (BIG THIEF)

02 – “Alluvium” (C DUNCAN)

03 – “Once Twice Melody” (BEACH HOUSE)

04 – “Radiator” (SADURN)

05 – “Patina” (TALLIES)

06 – ““Quiet The Room” (SKULLCRUSHER)

07– “Mil Coisas Invisíveis” (TIM BERNARDES)

08 – “Florist” (FLORIST)

09 – “And In The Darkness Hearts Aglow” (WEYES BLOOD)

10 – “A Light For Attracting Attention” (THE SMILE)

11 – “Labyrinthitis” (DESTROYER)

12 – “Big Thing” (ELEPHANT)  

13 – “The Great Awakening” (SHEARWATER)

14 – “Rolling Golden Holy” (BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN)


16 – “Take Hold Of Your Promise!” (GENTLY TENDER)

17 – “Heartmind” (CASS McCOMBS)

18 – “Summer At Land´s End” (THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES)

19 – “No Rules Sandy” (SYLVAN ESSO)

20 – “Better With You” (KAWALA)

21 – “If My Wife New I´d Be Dead” (CMAT)

22 – “Like Yer Wounds Too” (POOR PERFORMER)

23 – “You Belong There” (DANIEL ROSSEN)

24 – “Honeyglaze” (HONEYGLAZE)

25 – “Beatopia” (BEABADOOBEE)

26 – “Blue Rev” (ALVVAYS)


28 – “Past Life Regression” (PAPERCUTS)

29 – “Light Moving Time” (BABEHOVEN)

30 – “Wet Leg” (WET LEG)

31 – “Honeybee Table At The Butterfly Feast” (TEEN SUICIDE)

32 – “I´m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me” (KING HANNAH)

33 – “Capricorn Sun” (TSHA)

34 – “Radiate Like This” (WARPAINT)

35 – “Best Day Of My Life” (TOM ODELL)

36 – “New To You” (BREAD PILOT)


38 – “Big Time” (ANGEL OLSEN)

39 – “Noon” (TWAIN)

40 – “The Sea Drift” (THE DELINES)

41 – “Inside Problems” (ANDREW BIRD)

42 – “Worm Food” (CAVETOWN)

43 – “Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky” (PORRIDGE RADIO)

44 – “The Bible” (LAMBCHOP)

45 – “We Are There” (MODERN STUDIES)

46 – “Natural Brown Prom Queen” (SUDAN ARCHIVES)

47 – “A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing” (TENCI)

48 – “At Scaramouche” (SHABASON/KRGOVICH)

49 – “Hallelujah Hell Yeah” (STRING MACHINE)

50 – “Midnights” (TAYLOR SWIFT)

+50: Bill Callahan, Anaïs Mitchell, Lightning In A Twilight Hour, Deserta, Yaya Bey, Black Country New Road, Caroline, Kevin Morby, Jana Horn, Drugdealer, Hippo Circus, Hermanos Gutiérrez, Yeule, Shannen Moser, Jenny Hval, Wizkid, Imarhan, Beth Orton, Ian Noe, Horse Lords, Pillow Queens, Spoon, Makaya McCraven, Oso Oso, Marisa Anderson, Yumi Zouma, The Cool Greenhouse, Kathryn Joseph, Death Cab For Cutie, Spoon, Will Sheff, Black Market Karma, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Sorry,  Peach Pit, Andy Bell, Aoife Nessa Francis, Natalia Lafourcade, Congotronics International, Grace Cummings, Pete Astor, Camp Cope, Animal Collective, Great Lakes, Aldous Harding, Joan Shelley, Hot Chip, Alex G , Sea Power.

2021: 50 álbumes

01) “Green To Gold” (The Antlers)

02) “A Song Is Way Above The Lawn” (Karen Peris)

03) “The Million Masks Of God” (Manchester Orchestra)

04) “An Overview On Phenomenal Nature” (Cassandra Jenkins)

05) “Fun House” (Hand Habits)

06) “Holland Park” (Spearmint)

07) “Nurture” (Porter Robinson)

08) “Far In” (Helado Negro)

09) “Won´t You Take Me With You” (Daniel Knox)

10) “Modern Fiction” (Ducks Ltd.) Sigue leyendo 2021: 50 álbumes

2019: 50 álbumes


01- “U.F.O.F.” / “Two Hands” (Big Thief)

02- “Purple Mountains” (Purple Mountains)
04- “American Football” (American Football)
05- “Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest” (Bill Callahan)
06- “Bismillah” (Peter Cat Recording Co.)
07- “PUNK” (CHAI)
08- “Father Of The Bride” (Vampire Weekend)
09- “Beware Of The Dog” (Stella Donnelly)
10- “Placeholder” (Hand Habits) Sigue leyendo 2019: 50 álbumes