50 discos internacionales del 2017

1- “Reaching For Indigo” (Circuit Des Yeux)

2- “Melodrama” (Lorde)

3- “fantasii” (Mhysa)

4- “Lekhfa” (Maryam Saleh/Tamer Abu Ghazaleh/Maurice Louca)

5- “ken” (Destroyer)

6- “Mellow Waves” (Cornelius)

7- “How The West Was Won” (Peter Perrett)

8- “Lust For Life” (Lana Del Rey)

9- “Home Counties” (Saint Etienne)

10-“Real High” (Nite Jewel)

11-“1992 Deluxe” (Princess Nokia)

12-“Quazarz vs The Jealous Machines”/“Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star” (Shabazz Palaces)

13-“Wild Imagination” (Sweet Baboo)

14-“White African Power” (Tanzania Albinist Collective)

15-“Sugar At The Gate” (TOPS)

16-“Big Fish Theory” (Vince Staples)

17-“The Pink Haze Of Love” (White Poppy)

18-“ La Sabouteuse” (Yazz Ahmed)

19-“Arca” (Arca)

20-“Bonny Doon” (Bonny Doon)

21-“Business Of Dreams” (Business Of Dreams)

22-“Rest” (Charlotte Gainsbourg)

23-“A Flame My Love, A Frequency” (Colleen)

24-“Are Euphoria” (Dusting Wong & Takako Minekawa)

25-“Superlative Fatigue” (Errorsmith)

26-“Does Life” (Ex-Pat)
27-“La Pantoufle” (Forever Pavot)

28- “Poulo Warali” (Awa Poulo)

29-“Robyn Hitchcock” (Robyn Hitchcock)

30-“Halo” (Juana Molina)

31-“50 Song Memoir” (The Magnetic Fields)

32-“Cuidado Madame” (Arto Lindsay)

33- “Recomençar” (Tim Bernardes)

34-“Party” (Aldous Harding)

35-“Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine” (Gnod)

36-“Contact” (Harriet Brown)

37-“Fly Or Die” (Jaimie Branch)

38-“Dedicated To Bobby Jameson” (Ariel Pink)

39-“Take Me Apart” (Kelela)

40-“When It’s Time To Let Go” (Lo Five)

41-“Imaginations” (Molly Nilsson)

42-“The OOZ” (King Krule)

43-“Fakosan” (Luka Productions)

44-“Shadows And Reflections” (Marc Almond)

45-“Gentle Heart” (Mark Templeton”

46-“Happy Together” (Mega Bog)

47-“¿Dónde Estás María?” (Meridian Brothers)

48-“A Crow Looked At Me” (Mount Eerie)

49-“Unfold” (The Necks)

50-“async” (Ryuichi Sakamoto)

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